about poultry association of Nigeria

The Poultry Association of Nigeria is an Association of poultry producers embracing all persons and organizations involved in Poultry Production. This includes input suppliers, commercial feed millers, service providers and all persons that have interest for Poultry Production.

The journey of the association from its inception in the early 80s to now is that of mixed feelings. With new focus and determination, Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) has been repackaged to pursue New mandate geared towards the realization of its "Vision and Mission".



To open new opportunities, imitate and stimulate developments in Poultry farming for the benefits of all stakeholders and the Nigerians at affordable prices.




-monitor, liaise and partner with Government for robust and friendly Poultry policies.
-Pre-empt actions of government on issues before policy pronouncements are made because reversals could be more difficult.
-Engage the government in dialogue and lobby for effective business environment
-Impress on Government to include An Egg a Day as a compulsory component of the UBE Program.


- Organize Poultry summit on yearly basis for impact Assessment.
- Organize training and capacity building programs that will improve production and management skills of the Nigerians investors and their staff.
- Plan to actively engage in generic promotion of Poultry products, Poultry meat and Egg in order to strengthen the market for these products.
- Get involved in self-regulation of the industry in order to achieve the production of:
* High quality feed.
* High quality meat and egg
* Environmental friendly production system.

-Organize a National Poultry Award and inducting members into a Poultry Hall of fame.
-Promote education and relevant researches through collaboration with national and international organizations.