The Poultry Association of Nigeria is the coming together of producers of Eggs, Day Old Chicks, Broiler meat, Input suppliers, Persons and Organizations concerned with, and interested in Poultry production and management in Nigeria. This includes but not restricted to commercial feed millers, service providers and all those that are involved in the entire Poultry production value chain.

The mandate of the Association is to initiate and stimulate profitable development in poultry farming for the benefit of all Stakeholders and the Nigerian economy thereby putting high quality poultry products on the table of Nigerians at affordable prices.

The above we do by liaising and partnering with the Government for robust and friendly poultry policies and conducive production and business environment.

We strive as much as possible to pre-empt the action of government on issues of critical importance before policy pronouncements are made because reversals will be more difficult.
-     Engage in advocacy and lobbying as well as build the capacities of all categories of poultry producers so that they can be abreast of the latest technology and management.

At the moment, the Association is the most credible and outstanding commodity Association in the Nigerian agricultural economy, as well as being the only authentic voice and mouth piece of the Nigerian Poultry producers.



(A)    The Central Working Committee (CWC)
This organ comprises of the National President, the six Zonal Vice National President, Zonal Secretaries, three Ex-official members and the Director General along with the General Secretary.

The Central Working Committee is the think-tank that deliberates and formulates major policies for the Association, and it is always chaired by the National President.

(B)    The national Executive Council (NEC)
This organ is comprised of the members of the Central Working Committee and the Chairmen of the various State Chapters throughout Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
(C)    State Chapters
The various States that constitutes Nigeria has Chapters of the Association, which are headed by the State Chairmen with other elected officials. The State Chairmen sees to the smooth administration of the Association at the State and Local Government levels while they two are being coordinated by Vice National President who are zoned according to the geopolitical configuration of the country.

(D)    Local Government/District Area Administration
This Chapter administers the Association at the Local Councils and District Area of the State.


The day to day administration of the Association is vested at the National Secretariat normally situated at the seat of the Government, Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory city of Nigeria.

- The National Secretariat is headed by a Director – General reporting to the National President.

- The National Secretariat is the Central point of administration where major activities of the Association are being carried out through information dissemination and public policy.