DrOduntanThe current National President of the Association is Dr. Ayoola ODUNTAN; Dr. Ayoola Oduntan was elected as the National President at the Annual General meeting of the Association held in November, 2012.

Dr. Ayoola Oduntan is a Veterinarian with vast experience in integrated Poultry production as well as being an outstanding entrepreneur who controls a substantial share of the Nigerian poultry Industry, and sits as the Group managing Director of Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Ltd and Amo Bying Nigeria Ltd. Dr. Ayool Oduntan is the Chairman, Natnudo foods Ltd as well as Diversay Solutions Ltd. his vast managerial experience and flexibility is an asset to the smooth and successful operations and administration of the Association.




S-O-AkpaMr. Onallo S. AKPA is the Director General of the Association, and has greatly assisted to steer the affairs and administration of the Association in the last ten years.

He is a Livestock expert with major in poultry production and farm Management in addition to Post Graduate Studies in Development Administration and Management. Mr. Onallo S. AKPA has managed various farms and have consulted for many organisations and agricultural endeavours prior to his joining the Association. He is a certified Trainer and Management Consultant who has brought his vast experience to bear on the smooth administration of the Association. Other than his appointment as the Director – General of the Association he is the Chairman, FCDI Ltd, an Agribusiness and Development Consultancy company that has offices in Nigeria and other countries in Africa.